Thursday, September 20, 2018

Disc Golf in a series of silhouettes

I think these silhouettes sum up the beauty of our sport. My body has definitely been in each and every one of these positions at some point during the multitude of rounds I have played throughout the course of my life. Disc Golf is life!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Gregg Barsby wins the 2018 Worlds Championship

Barsby is the winner of the grueling 5 round 2018 Worlds Championship at Smuggler's Notch in the Men's Profesional Open division. Innvova is once again back on top and it couldn't have happened to a cooler guy. Barsby has been at it for many years and is recognized as once of the most free spirits and nicest guys in the game. It is a well deserved win and he was ecstatic as he dropped in the final putt to cement the win.

On the woman's side Paige Bjerkass wins her first world title. It is really interesting to see all of the new talent coming up in the ranks of both the men and the women. 2018 marks the crowning of two new, first time champions, something that is great for the sport. I love Disc Golf!