Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's only a game

Let me explain the title of this post. It’s only a game because my team isn’t playing. Anyway, no self-respecting blog should let this weekend go by without a reference to the Super Bowl, so here it is.

Sunday evening the proud, tradition-laden AFC champion Pittsburgh Steelers face off against the woebegone, quasi-dysfunctional (except for this season) NFC champion Arizona Cardinals in Tampa, Florida. Who will win? Conventional football wisdom says to pick the Steelers, but I have five words for you. Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin.


Ranjit said...

i asked a friend with whom i had just finished having lunch, who he was rooting for this sunday and without hesitation he said The Vikings! i guess there is something to be said about loyalty and conviction.... i don't have to think twice when i say that i am going to make noise "for" the Steelers and my hometown of Pittsburgh which has transformed itself amazingly since it's setback in the early 80's. Just the Iron City beer and steely determination remain in it's new makeover as a high-tech, innovative, knowledge-based, world-class city. either way, i hope it's a good game and we win in our respective pools!!

T. T. Douglas said...

Actually, you just reminded me of an old joke.

Question: What do you call 48 guys together watching the Super Bowl on TV?

Answer: The Minnesota Vikings.

Anyway, we shall see, we shall see. Let's indeed hope it is a good game and good luck to you and your Steelers my friend.

JFP said...

Go Arizona underdogs !!!