Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect

Where do you begin with Todd Rundgren? His discography is so extensive that I just lined up all the names of his works on a dartboard, closed my eyes and threw a dart at it. It landed on this one so here it is. This 1982 release was entirely produced, engineered and performed by Todd himself. Every sound on this CD is him and him alone. This is the album that produced that mid-western sports arena staple Bang The Drum All Day, but that overplayed song is not all this album has to offer. There is a cover of the Small Faces’ Tin Soldier on this CD as well as some catchy pop tunes, mid-tempo introspective rock beats and even a Broadway-type Gilbert and Sullivanish tune: Emperor of the Highway. This CD is an amalgam of cool licks, catchy lyrics and reedy vocals in the traditional Todd style.

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