Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pink World

Wow, an incredibly creative Science Fiction progressive rock-opera concept album created by one person. Although the band's name is Planet P Project, it is essentially one guy who is responsible for every chord and lyric on this amazing album, Tony Carey. Longer nuanced songs are separated by short bursts of music which are tight, opportune and mesmerizing. The story on this 1984 release is one of a nuclear holocaust and a psychic child who is supposedly the messiah come to pick up the pieces and lead society out of despair. All is not what it seems though in Artemis’ (the boy’s name) world and we are taken through an incredible range of tracks with intense imagery to convince us of this. Carey is not simply a musician and vocalist, but a poet as well and the songs on this double album set need to be listened to carefully and in order to get the full impact of what he has created. I never get tired of this album. Here is one track, To Live Forever. While the songs stand on their own, they really should be listened to in order and in the context of the story.

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