Friday, February 6, 2009


A Liza Minnelli album produced by the Pet Shop Boys with a cover of a Tanita Tikaram song on it. What’s that you say? What kind of parallel universe have you entered by wandering into this blog and reading this post? Well, it’s true, and the album isn’t half bad either. Like them or not, you have to admit both Liza and the PSB have been successful in their field and their collaboration shows why on this 1989 release. Hard to classify, this CD has a bit of everything on it: camp, lounge, electronica/dance, pop, cabaret, in short a mish-mash of genres that leaves the listener wondering what surprise is coming next from the Diva and her Boys on each subsequent track. If you are adventuresome in your music taste you just might have to listen to it to find out.

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