Saturday, May 30, 2009

I have throroughly enjoyed this

It would have been sweet to see Denver in the finals, but the better team won. I am convinced of that. Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers for arriving once again to the finals of the N.B.A. championship representing the Western Conference.

Now, on to the real news. While sponsors are kicking themselves and Commissioner David Stern is doing penance before the NBA's "Illuminati," I will be rooting for Orlando. With Stan Van Gundy, ex-Heat coach and Yoda of the NBA and Dwight Howard aka Superman (40 points tonight), they may just have a chance. The Magic beat the Cavaliers tonight in game six to advance to the NBA finals.

The Orlando Magic may not have the mojo to do it, especially if the Lakers pack kryptonite (Bynum and Gasol) which I am sure they will to slow down Howard, but Orlando has proved it is a great team, advancing to the NBA Finals for the second time (L.A. for the 30th) in their history. They beat the team with the best record in the league (Cleveland Cavaliers) to get there. Good for them. They will have a tough time trying to go against Kobe and the Zen of Phil Jackson's Lakers, but I am with them. Eastern Conference all the way. Go Magic, you have Yoda and the Force with you!

Oh, by the way, Orlando has a 2-0 record versus the Lakers this season.

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