Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mommy strays from the fold

In an interesting turn of events it turns out Mommy has an independent streak. Straying a bit from the party line she has stated that "the government shouldn't cap executive compensation."

In a peripherally related note, here is what Uncle Vik had to say about compensation. He wants to go back in time to when asylums used "shock therapy" with regularity.

"I hear the president talking what America's feeling. They're feeling exactly what Mark said, a lot of things went wrong, a lot of people are involved, but the bankers and the banking systems was at the heart of this and there has to be some retribution and by the way there is a strong sense of belief that we didn't have the guardrails to control capitalism, therefore we didn't have the right governments and compensation was a big part of having the right governments in place. And if you want to shift to the right kind of compensation governance, the right kind of incentives, such as what Jack designed at GE. Sometimes you need shock therapy."

employees take note, if your manager or H.R. tries to attach electrodes to any part of your body, don't let them. Nothing good can come from it.

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