Thursday, January 28, 2010

SAAB saved

It's official. The quirky Swedish "oddball" SAAB has been saved and there is much rejoicing by SAAB enthusiasts. The Dutch sports car maker Spyker has agreed to buy the ailing Swedish firm from GM for $74m cash and $326m in shares.

I previously owned a couple of SAABs and loved them so I was very disappointed when it looked like SAAB was done. Shortly after buying my SAABs I received a package in the mail from SAAB-SCANIA. I opened it and inside found two coffee mugs with the SAAB logo and inside each one was a packet of instant coffee, two packets of sugar, a packet of creamer and a stir stick. On the other side of the mug this message was inscribed.

"Make this your one for the road."

It was signed by Robert Sinclair, then President of SAAB-SCANIA of America, Inc. Pretty cool huh? You can read my other post about my SAAB memories here. Now I'm glad that they will still be around.

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