Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Citi among least trusted banks in America

It has plenty of company though and is not the least trusted. That honor goes to HSBC. This is according to Forrester's annual Customer Advocacy rankings, which ranks nearly 50 financial services firms in the United States. Customers were given the following statement:" My financial provider does what's best for me, not just its own bottom line." They were then asked whether they agreed or disagreed with the statement to form the rankings. The results are based on a survey of about 4,500 consumers.

The bottom seven of this year's rankings, first to last, are Bank of America, Chase, Capital One, TD/Commerce, Fifth Third, Citibank, and in last place, HSBC.


JeremyP said...

I can't fathom that HSBC has only 16% of their customers feeling that the bank has their cutomer's best interests above their own... Un-freaking-real!

JeremyP said...

By the way.. doesn't there seem to be some kind of correlation between the worse a customer is treated and the bigger the bank?!

T. T. Douglas said...

I agree wholeheartedly Jeremy P. The larger a bank is the worse their customer service typically is. It certainly was that way at the bank I worked at. The irony is they think their service is good.