Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Electricity emergency in Venezuela

What's that saying again? In the shoemaker's house the children go barefoot or something like that. Venezuela, an oil-rich nation and a member of OPEC, has declared an electricity emergency because of a shortage of hydro-electric power. Chavez has asked his country to turn out the lights to save energy. He blames El NiƱo, but in reality it is his incompetence which has led to such a sad state of affairs.

On another topic he also said his long-running program "Hello Mr. President" will now always be preceded by harp music. The man defies description is his incompetence and nuttiness. I feel bad for the Venezuelans. I have been there many times under Chavez and each time the country has degraded just that much more. It used to be a prosperous, warm, fun-loving country. Now it is just a chaotic entity generated by Chavez's bombastic rule.

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