Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sorry I didn't post today

I have pertussis. Or as it is more commonly known, this. Believe me, it is no fun at all.


Anji said...

Hope that you recover quickly. My little brother almost died when he was a baby, he caught it before he was old enough to be vaccinated.

T. T. Douglas said...

Thank you Anji. I have been reading up on it and I see that it is especially dangerous for young children before they have been vaccinated. I imagine it was a huge scare for your family.

You just don't think these things are that serious. I just returned from the doctor and he says I am getting better. He told me he didn't want to scare me last week when I was in but he said he was extremely close to sending me to the hospital. I was that sick. It is not an illness to trifle with.

Anyway, thank you for the kind words.

Dirty Butter said...

Yes, it can be very dangerous. Take care of yourself!

T. T. Douglas said...

Thank you for the well wishes Dirty Butter. I am feeling a bit better each day. I have a long business trip coming up December 8th - 20th so I am hoping that I will be fine by then.