Thursday, January 13, 2011

There is hope for humanity

An eight year old girl's microphone malfunctions when she is singing the national anthem to open a hockey game. What happens at about the minute and a half mark gives me hope that people are still decent in this country. When a woman cackles at the unfortunate turn of events, someone quickly shushes her and then the crowd kicks in. The girl, while obviously nervous doesn't miss a beat. Kudos to the hockey fans who had her back.


Anji said...

She's got a very beautiful voice too.

Rhetoric Camel said...

Wow great voice. I'm surprised no one through the cackling lady down the bleachers. That was definitely a touching video. Thanks for sharing.

Bill Y said...

I like words and I'd like to throw a few carefully selected words towards that lady who laughed at the little girl who done such a good job.

T. T. Douglas said...

Anji, Rhetoric Camel and Bill Y. thank you for your comments. There is actually a bit of a post script to this.

Yesterday I heard the girl, Elizabeth Hughes, interviewed on the radio. She thanked the fans, apparently the players sang as well and did a stick tap at the end. so she thanked them as well. The subject of the cackler was never brought up.

She said she was disappointed because the crowd did not get to hear her high note in the anthem. The interviewer asked her if she would mind finishing the anthem there in the radio booth and she did. To my amazement her voice was quite a bit better than on the video. She was a very polite little girl and sang quite beautifully.