Friday, January 7, 2011

Kradeva brez vere & Soba 102

Perpetuum Jazzile perform a mix of two pop hits in their native Slovenian. They also perform in English, Portuguese and Spanish, all flawlessly. Boy do I love these guys and gals sound. It's all a capella along with their beat boxer and they are all individually miked. Their harmony sounds great and you can tell that they are enjoying themselves as they perform.

The posturing by the lead singer, Tomaz Cor, is a bit of a satire on the pop star, Jan Plestenjak, whose songs these are. By all accounts he considers himself a bit of a ladies man. I hope his sense of humor is well developed too. Enjoy and happy Friday.

If you want to hear them in English check out this dynamic rendition of Toto's Rosana.


Anonymous said...

These guys rock!!! they are really, really good.

Bill Y said...

Never seen them before but will definitely check them out. They're brilliant.

Anonymous said...

They are something else, that's for sure...they are good.

T. T. Douglas said...

Thanks for the comment and yes they are brilliant Bill Y. If you check them out on youtube or their site you will see that they do all kinds of music.

As I also said, they sing in Portuguese and Spanish and their accents are flawless. I speak both of those languages and they sound as if they are natives when they sing.

I also just love their enthusiasm as they perform. You can tell by watching their faces that they love what they are doing.