Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ohio stadium like you've never seen it before

I heard this gentleman interviewed on NPR's All Things Considered the other day and I had to track down some pictures of his magnum opus. This is quite incredible, not only for the sheer size of the task, but because the Legos themselves are not curved. The man who built the replica of the stadium, entirely out of Legos is Paul Janssen, an Ohio State University professor of physiology and cell biology. He built the horseshoe-shaped stadium out of 1 million Lego pieces and it took him approximately four years between planning, collecting pieces and building to complete the project.

The mini-stadium can seat only 6,000 Lego people — that's thanks to issues of scale, not Janssen's work. As he said on the show, Lego people are not to scale, "they are pretty wide for their height."

I have a new appreciation for Lego building and what it entails after helping my young boys put together several Lego construction projects. This man really dedicated himself.

You can hear the NPR interview here.

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