Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why are we fat and wasteful?

The other day I stopped at a fast food restaurant for lunch. I am not going to name it because all of the familiar chains have the same issue. I wanted a sandwich and a small soda. When I ordered I noticed on the menu that this way of ordering was more expensive than ordering a “combo” meal. The combo is the exact same sandwich, French fries and a soda. I asked the person serving me if I could order the combo and they could keep the fries. This way I would be charged less than if I ordered the sandwich and soda separately. I was told no. This is not the first time this has happened to me, nor is it the only fast food restaurant where it has happened.

In essence I had some choices to make:

1. Order separately and avoid the fries (More expensive)

2. Order the combo and throw out the fries (Cheaper but wasteful, I cannot in good conscience throw out food like that)

3. Order the combo and eat the fries (Cheaper but the fries were what I wanted to avoid because they are fattening)

4. Order something else (Not what I wanted)

5. Eat healthier somewhere else (Probably more expensive, not as convenient and not what I wanted)

Sigh, if only they could keep their combo fries…

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