Monday, June 25, 2012

In praise of Lebron

The Miami Heat won the NBA finals over the Oklahoma city Thunder 4 games to 1 in a very convincing fashion. There has been a lot of hate directed at Lebron James and to a lesser degree at the Miami Heat in general for their swagger. All I can say is that they have backed it up this year and I for one am a Lebron fan and always have been.

Everyone makes mistakes and Lebron has made his in the past. Of this there is not doubt. There is also no doubt that he has learned from them. This season he comported himself as a true champion does, on and off the court. The result of this was an NBA championship ring, a season MVP trophy and an NBA finals MVP trophy. No matter how much you may dislike the man there is no denying his greatness. I for one am happy for him. I am grateful that he decided to "bring his talents to South Beach." He carried the Heat all season long on those massive shoulders of his and he deserves every bit of the success he is now rightfully enjoying. 

This is not to take away from the rest of the Heat roster. Basketball is a team sport and the season is long and difficult. It takes the right blend of players, physical fitness and avoidance of injury, coaching, championship mettle and luck to get to the NBA finals, let alone win the thing. Congratulations to the Miami Heat and to Lebron James for bringing the championship to Miami. For an excellent analysis of the what the Heat did this year and the reason they were able to prevail click on this article.

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Anonymous said...

Lebron was the man. Great player, great series.