Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Say it isn't so...

NPR is reporting that Hasbro is retiring one of its iconic Monopoly tokens and replacing it with a cat. The token that is going the way of the dodo (drum roll please) is the iron. Oh no, how are we going to look the part of real estate moguls dominating the rent controlled Monopoly universe if we can't iron our clothes? And a cat of all things; cats are loners who don't care about anyone or anything. I would not like to be one of their tenants when something goes wrong on one of its properties. Oh dear. 

Also, proving that our universe is rapidly inverting itself the United States Postal Service, which is hemorrhaging cash left and right, is stopping Saturday delivery to reduce costs. The move is estimated to save about 2 billion dollars. Considering that the USPS lost about 16 billion dollars last year, I guess I can do without my junk mail during the weekend, but the move is certainly sure to cause a lot of controversy.

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