Thursday, February 5, 2009


Do you like listening to interesting stories put to music in the form of good songs? Do you like Latin music? Do you understand Spanish? That’s a lot of questions, but if you answered yes, yes and yes then Historias is an album for you.

Hailing from Guatemala but mostly plying his trade in Mexico, Ricardo Arjona is a “raconteur extraordinaire” on this 1994 release. He has put together a wonderful set of melodic tales which are fun to listen to and keep your interest. My favourite is Historia de Taxi, which picks you up, puts you in the taxi, and tells you about a fare in Mexico City from the cab driver’s vantage point, complete with its O. Henry-like ending. For a look at his complete discography click here.

Here is the video to Historia de Taxi. As the commenter says, great song, but I wouldn't recommend taking a taxi right off the street in Mexico City.


JFP said...

This is an excellent song and Arjona is extremely talented, but I really DO NOT recommend to take a cab in Mexico City........

T. T. Douglas said...

Excellent point. Neither do I.