Thursday, February 5, 2009

Under par is always a good thing

I shot a casual round of Disc Golf the other day with some buddies and came in at 52, or 2 under par. Although this is slowly changing, Disc Golf in general considers all holes a par 3 at the advanced level, regardless of length or difficulty. To a large extent this is based on an historical precedent and while it does make the task of scoring your card easier, it can wreak occasional havoc with your score, especially if the hole is an extremely challenging one.

So if you do the math even par is 54 (18 holes with a score of 3 on each one). In my round of 52 the other day, I shot 2 bogeys (not good), 4 birdies (very nice) and the remaining 12 holes at par (acceptable) for a total of 52. Not a bad way to spend a morning walking around a beautiful setting in the company of friends.

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