Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday Disc Golf

It's been a while since I put up one of these posts, but yesterday my partner and I won the random draw doubles at league so I thought I would put up a quick post about it. The weather was perfect and there were two extra holes added to play so we came in at 9 under par for 20 holes. We had no bogeys and 9 birdies. Luckily my partner was putting very well because although my driving was quite good for some reason I could not hit the broad side of a barn yesterday with my putter. That is what is nice about doubles, you have a partner to step in to cover up your weak spots. Trouble only arises when your partner is also having one of those days which happily for us wasn't the case. Coincidentally, last week we drew each other as well and played very poorly so there was a tiny bit of redemption yesterday as well. Disc golf, what a great sport.


Lim Shuyan said...

hi i just chanced upon your blog and i haven't heard of disc golf before. it sounds really interesting. so you don't use golf clubs ? but throw he frisbees into the hole?
i play conventional golf and would really like to find out more about this exciting sport !

i post my stories about playing golf at

T. T. Douglas said...

Hi Lim,

Thank you for commenting. I have never played conventional golf, but watch tournaments on TV all the time. Strategy and mentality are exactly the same. I think regular golf is probably harder to master so good for you.

Disc golf is awesome, much cheaper, takes a shorter time and is so much fun. You throw the frisbees into the basket pictured on this post. If you hit the disc golf label on this blog you will see many posts, some which include videos of the sport and a guy named Ken Climo, the Tiger Woods of our sport. Take care and may you make many birdies, eagles and aces. I will check out your blog.