Friday, October 23, 2009

Tiger outdriven by 12 year old

And his reaction is typically classy. I've always liked Tiger. He is as intense as it gets when he is competing on the course and he can show some angst like any pro golfer can when he is upset with himself, but if you have ever watched his post tournament interviews he is always classy. He never gives excuses for poor play and never crows about his stellar play. He just calls it as he sees it.

On this occasion he is at an event commemorating the opening of The Cliffs at High Carolina, a new course in Asheville, North Carolina designed by none other than Tiger himself. Tiger fired his first two ceremonial shots into the trees. He then looked out over the crowd and invited anyone to step up and try to outdrive him. Twelve-year-old Mark Benevento Jr. did and sent two 200 yard drives right down the middle much to Tiger's chagrin. Watch the drives and Tiger's classy reaction. At the very end of the video you will hear Tiger telling the young man he is proud of him.

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